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Ultra-high quality PCR – 100% additive free

Why Vertix

At Vertix, we bring advanced technology, a ‘Silicone Heartland’ centralized location for fast delivery, and a deep commitment to using advanced recycling equipment and In-house warehouse storage to guarantee the highest quality product.


Additive Free
Higher Color Value
Improved Material Strength

Using the Best in Recycling Technology

We use the best recycling technology to enhance waste management efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our results: 

  • Vertix VX2 Natural HDPE resin is 100% PCR – NO ADDITIVES.
  • Superior melt flow of 0.75 g/10 mins vs. industry 0.5-0.6 g/10 mins.
  • +25% for flexural modulus, tensile yield strength, & notched impact tests.
  • With cleaner, brighter colorant, we score 74L Hunter Scale value vs. industry standard of 68L + deodorization significantly reduces malodor often standard.


  • Central Ohio location is close to major manufacturing sites and key PCR bale suppliers
  • Close to critical infrastructure, utilities, and skilled labor.
  • Supported by state and local government initiatives driving sustainability trends, including Ohio State University.
  • Dedicated leadership and engineering support actively on site.
New Albany

Corporate headquarter

9005 Smith’s Mill Road 43054, New Albany, Ohio

Open until 8:00pm
New Albany



In service to our clients, we are committed to using responsible practices and the latest technology to ensure the highest quality products while being mindful of our local community.

  • Best-in-Class European equipment for sorting, cleaning, and extrusion.
  • Fully automated plant with <10 people per shift supporting 50MM+ pounds/year.
  • All plastic bales are housed in a controlled environment prior to processing.
  • Water consumption is monitored for proper treatment and pH levels prior to release, with monthly monitoring by local authorities.



Our Quality Assurance (QA) program ensures that the recycled plastic products meet or exceed all standards for safety, consistency, and performance. 

Our QA processes involve rigorous testing of the recycled materials for contaminants and structural integrity, ensuring that they are suitable for reuse in new products. 


  • Inspect/grade each 42K incoming truckload of PCR packaging bales upon receipt. 
  • In-house quality lab tests physical flake and pellet quality for color, melt flow, specific gravity, and mechanical properties.
  • Third-party testing and inspection validate protocols and product quality.

QA protocols ensure review, training, and compliance for operations, employee safety, and environmental regulations and standards. Each batch of Vertix PCR resin is provided with a Certificate of Analysis.


  • Grade incoming bales based on cleanliness of the bale and food-grade materials.
  • Weigh each bale and compare against incoming weight claims from MRF.
  • Assay flakes within cleaning process and pellets within the extrusion process to insure in-specification mechanical and physical properties.
  • Onboarding and training for new and existing personnel on QA.
  • Lock-out-tag-out systems to reduce the potential for life-threatening injuries.


Committed to responsible plastics recycling and contributing to a sustainable future, Vertix is leveraging technologies to exceed customers’ expectations.


From consumer packaging to textiles to automotive components, Vertix’s ultra-high quality recycled plastics are being used in new and innovative ways.


Learn more about our full line of Natural and Mixed HDPE Flakes and Pellets that offer superior strength and color, plus swift distribution opportunities.