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Recycling Applications

At Vertix, we recycle the entire bale. From the steel straps to unexpected foreign materials, everything is sorted, recycled, and repurposed in a way that protects the purity of our HDPE flake.


Our Natural HDPE Flake or Pellet is a recycled high-density polyethylene material that we process from post-consumer products (like milk jugs) for manufacturers creating new plastic products that offer sustainability and reduced reliance on virgin plastic resources.

  • Bale yields range from 75-80%
  • 25% Higher Tensile Yield Strength
  • 10% cleaner, brighter color
  • Deodorizing process to remove residual odor
  • Finished product = LNO FDA Grade HDPE Pellet


Within each bale, we separate all assorted colored post-consumer plastics to be blended into Mixed HDPE Flake or Pellet. This material is processed by reutilizing resources and minimizing new plastic production so that our customers can manufacture diverse plastic products.

  • LNO FDA grade HDPE Pellet.
  • Excellent impact strength for rigid applications
  • Deodorizing process to remove residual odor


Most incoming bales contain other plastics and packaging materials that are sorted from the bale, processed, and sold to local manufacturers, who use the product to manufacture commercial drainage pipes and construction plastics. At Vertix, we collect all metal byproducts from incoming bales. This includes bale strapping and other metal materials extracted from the bales with magnets and eddy current technology. The metal is accumulated and sold to metal recyclers. Each plastic bale contains dirt, milk proteins, and other contaminants removed from the end process. These materials are placed in a compactor, and the resulting product is sold to end users who use the finished product for heating and furnaces.


Committed to responsible plastics recycling and contributing to a sustainable future, Vertix is leveraging technologies to exceed customers’ expectations.


From consumer packaging to textiles to automotive components, Vertix’s ultra-high quality recycled plastics are being used in new and innovative ways.


Learn more about our full line of Natural and Mixed HDPE Flakes and Pellets that offer superior strength and color, plus swift distribution opportunities.